Tree Initiative

Donate a Tree….Save a  Village

If you could plant a  tree to give a person in the mountains of Haiti, life giving nutrition and a stable food source, would you do it? Only $10 to help plant a tree.

  • Plant Moringa Trees and harvest leaves for nutritional supplement
  • Plant Breadfruit and other fruit tree for a stable food source
  • For essential erosion control.
  • Education of farmers, Adults and especially Children on the effects of deforestation on their lives.
  • To show the people how to be a good stewards of Gods creation.

You can do all this for $10.00 a tree!  We need your help to make it possible!

Fundraising, Tree Style

Fundraising for a special event or sports teams is easy with The Planted Heart Tree Initiative! You and your organization make 35% on one tree donation!  It is easy to have people donate one single Moringa tree or Breadfruit tree to a village would make a big difference to the overall health of the village and just being an active part of giving a little part of you for the bigger vision of reforestation of the area of Pestel. With a tree donated, it will help in educating the next generation of young people about the trees worth saving and plant trees that can be cut down for the next generation. If you are interested in this wonderful program for your church group or school program you can click on the button to receive more info!



  • Haiti is ranked as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
  • Haiti’s poverty is directly linked to deforestation and habitat loss
  • Chronic energy shortages have contributed to Haitian’s search for alternative sources of energy (wood)
  • Wood accounts for 70 percent of energy consumption in Haiti
  • Haiti’s steady deforestation resulted in an estimated 6,000 hectares of soil lost each year
  • Haiti deforestation heighten landslide risk
  • Massive landslides kills over 3000 in its wake during hurricane season
  • Scientists say widespread deforestation and the recent earthquake in Haiti could lead to more landslides
  • Haitian farmers have little incentive to plant trees
  • Planted Heart Tree Initiative is dedicated to not just replanting trees but, to also educate Haitians on how to keep Haiti green, salvaging the fertility of the land.