They wait for your help

Devastation from the earth quake in January 12, 2010 is beyond just writing and pictures. Many companies and organization came and left and left little resources to help provide a already poor country the skills people need to help themselves.


Support to help those in the local church

Local Church


Support the Seed & Tree Program


planted heart ministry mountain kids

Support to help those around the communtiy

Community Needs

Current Needs

Many Haitians want things from foreigners just handed to them. That doesn't allow them to develop any skills or learn to live for themselves without the aid of a church or ministry. That is where our ministry challenges and teaches skills to those willing and then are given resources they need to live in exchange for learning skills and working for it.

Ministry Needs

Work Truck $5000.00

Tools - Socket set $100.00

Tools - screwdrivers, pliers $30.00

Tools - Cordless combo pack 18 v $150.00

Tools be purchased in Port Au Prince

Cement, 2x4s and rebar to fix the $500.00

Start up project --- Rabbit program $200.00 Monthly: $50.00 Start up project--- Fish program $3000.00 Needs and amounts as of March 1st, 2016
Ministry Expenses Monthly Expenses Living expenses

food and rent $150.00

Motorcycle maintenance $50.00

Motorcycle fuel costs $100.00

Translator $100.00

Misc expenses $100.00

Motorcycle maintenance Translator $50.00

Labor cost for Garden $50.00


Total $600.00